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Anchorage & nearby - AK

It's difficult to conjure up words to explain the grandeur of Alaska. When asked by someone what was it like up there, I can only tell them it's like the Washington North Cascades, only 100 times bigger in every direction... it's just BIG! The biggest difference is that to access these giant mountains, the only way to travel is via foot or bush planes. It's rugged, unforgiving but yields some of the most breathtaking images we've ever taken.

Traveling to Alaska calls for planning due to its short season, and requires careful route planning. We've traveled near Anchorage, north to Denali, northeast to the Matanuska Glacier, and East/South of Anchorage to ride a train then floated on a lake filled with icebergs, each area has it's unique landscape and biology. If you are interested in learning more about our experience in Alaska, please contact us directly via email. One word of advice, dress warm! When we visited Anchorage during the 1st week of September, we often had 3 layers of pants to stay warm.


Red River Gorge - KY

The Red River Gorge Geological Area is located about 50-60 miles southeast of Lexington, Kentucky. It offers numerous natural arches, dense forests and opportunity to hike and climb.

The trailhead to the regional office is off the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway (take exit 33), then HWY 11 followed by HWY 15. The general direction is toward Campton. After about 3-4 miles on HWY15, turn right onto the Tunnel Ridge Road, this gravel road will travel above the Nada Tunnel. The trailhead is past a picnic area… I believe we took the Auxier Ridge trail.

If you happen to be traveling through the tunnel, you will also find numerous trails at the other end. Stop at the area’s office for detailed hiking/climbing information.

We liked this area other than the disappointment of finding several arches covered (entirely) with people’s initials carved into the sandstones. As with other recreation areas that are closer to the metropolitan areas, these easy to get to destinations can't escape the modern day graffiti of having people carve their initials into the rocks and trees. We will return and hopefully there will be warning signs to deter this behavior... through education, perhaps people will learn to appreciate and protect their natural resources, so travelers like us will return.


Letchworth State Park 

Letchworth State Park is better known as the Grand Canyon of the East. We visited one winter and hiked around the upper rim of the canyon. There are a couple big waterfalls. This is a good side trip if you are visiting Niagara Falls.


Niagara Falls

This landmark needs no introduction. I visited this American icon countless number of times whenever there is someone visiting our family, and yet each time the Fall brings something different. The Canadian side offers more expansive view (and some awesome popsicles in winter).


Washington National Cathedral (Washington D.C.) 

This is probably the most photogenic cathedral I have ever visited (just make sure the camera is off during services).


Arlington National Cemetery 

Do watch the “The Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknowns”… and keep quiet. I saw the veins of anger on the soldier’s face when he cried out in frustration of having people chatting around the tombs.


Yunnan, China

We have many pictures of China’s Wild West but they are all slides. We are in the process of scanning them and will post the pictures as they become available.







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