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Email and Phone

If you have any questions about a particular hike, need suggestions to plan for a trip, or willing to share your life's adventure, please Email Us ( We would love to hear from you!

Please refer to our privacy policy, I will not retain your information and treat each inquiry as a NEW inquiry. All incoming/outgoing email related to dayhikesfinder are deleted permanently once a response is made.


If you are interested in the photos and like to order a print, please contact us for detail. This is not a commercial site, therefore I'll be happy to send you a print "at cost" (that's right, I only charge you cost of ink, paper & shipping). Prints up to 8.5x11 can be made free of charge for a good cause (subject to review based on the special request made). All pictures on our website are capable of producing sharp boarderless prints at 8.5 x 11; larger prints requests are subject to the quality of the file. You can use the PayPal button below to pay via Paypal's secured payment portal.

Support Us (& help us to help this world)

If you find this website useful, please support us by visit the ads on the bottom of each page; by clicking google ads a few pennies are added to funds we donate to charities; it's not much at ~$30/year as of 2013 but it's a good start. I also create calenders from pictures off 500px, proceeds (~ $4.00) per calender are donated to UNICEF Children's Fund & National Park Services, I tag on ~$.25 per calender sold. Calender is printed off Photopaper (NOT Cardboard). Please email us for detail; offer is subject to availability of discount at CVS, you can pick up the calender at your local CVS Pharmacy. In the long run, it is our intention to utilize our pictures to generate some revenue & donate all proceeds to charity. Throughout the years, traveling to far & remote places had opened our minds & taught us to give back. Please also share any ideas you have to help us accomplish our goal. Thanks again for your support!

Website Exchange

Webmasters, when mutual consensus is established in writing for website exchange, please add our website using the html code below, or add a link such as " - find the best day hikes by photo". We'll do the same with your website.

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